The road of analytic therapy is an old one, advocated time and again throughout human history. In the terms of Socrates and Hindu philosophy, among others, it is the road to reorientation through self-knowledge . . . and the knowledge of oneself must not remain an intellectual knowledge, though it may start this way, but must become an emotional experience.
— Karen Horney

Whether it be due to reversals in relationship, hassles at work or incomprehensible obstacles that block your path, the anxiety, depression or unfamiliar emotional states you might experience can be upsetting, or even frightening.  But such encounters, along with their resolutions, can also bring with them opportunities for growth and self-realization.  In therapy we will endeavor to create an open, free-wheeling space into which all of who you are can spill out between us.

Some things will be familiar, some will not.  Much you will identify with, but there will be beliefs, feelings that surprise you, maybe embarrass you, or perhaps even bring shame.  Conflicts will be revealed , crosscurrents in your emotional landscape which prevent you from pursuing your goals wholeheartedly.

The impetus for change lies in an awakened emotional experience of living such a divided life. By working through these felt emotional impasses you can emerge as a more integrated personality, able to face life’s challenges with greater resilience, more resolve, less self-doubt and more self-regard.

I am interested in pursuing any avenue that could lead to the change you wish to see in your life.  Emotional experience, psychoanalytic insight, meditative awareness, cognitive-behavioral exploration of thought process - everything is on the table.

As I read this over there is so much left unsaid.  Where is the mystery, the drama, the discovery, the catharsis that takes place in a moving therapy?  This whole piece is just a pale explanation.  Where is the emotion?  Where is the experience?  It’s just not here.  Perhaps you will be able to tell the story of your journey home to yourself once it has begun.

This is only the start of the conversation.  Please call me and we can talk about how psychotherapy might be of help to you.  You no longer have to struggle alone.  Be curious about yourself.  Take the first step.